Friday, June 17, 2011

Bryzgalov tweets an article about himself joining twitter

But as dumb as that was, he may have hinted at a possible deal getting done between him and the Flyers. Naturally, everything he writes is in Russian. So Google translator needed to step in.
"Ждите новостей !! Скоро скоро - Wait for the news! soon, soon"
As exciting as all this is, the possibility for the Flyers to have a top-tier goalie for the first time since Ron Hextall, I can't help but be a little worried. Homer has to be careful not to swoon over the Russian. It could jeopardize the team and make it so they would have to trade a key player like Jeff Carter. With the right deal, Bryz would help this team immensely. it's just a matter of moolah.

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