Sunday, June 12, 2011

Masochism at it's finest; Flyers who went on to win the cup (2002 & 2004 EDITION)

When a team comes to town, I always look to see if there's any former Flyers on it. It's bad habit, I know. Kind of like Facebook-stalking an ex, comparing your life with them to that without. Still, it's interesting. Plus, with Andrew Alberts - who dawned the orange & black three years ago - on the Vancouver Canucks and both Mark Recchi and Dennis Seidenberg on the Boston Bruins, I started to wonder what other former Flyers hoisted Lord Stanley after departing the city of brotherly love. Surprisingly considering the talent past teams have had the list isn't long, but the names on it sure are memorable. 

2001-'02 Champs:  Detroit Red Wings 

Steve Duchesne
 - Years with Flyers: Played one year with the team after being traded from the Los Angeles Kings in 1991-'92, and then again in 1999 for eleven games. (89 games, 20 goals, 44 assists) Steve showed potential toward the beginning of his career, scoring at least 18 goals in four of his first six seasons. But before he had a chance to flourish in the Flyers system, he became part of the package to pry Eric Lindros away from Quebec. 

2003-'04 Champs:  Tampa Bay Lightning 

Ruslan Fedotenko
Years with Flyers: Following one semi-productive year on the Phantoms, Fedotenko became a prominent left winger for Philadelphia for two years from 2000 to 2002. (152 games, 33 goals, 29 assists) Traded to the Lightning after the 2002 season for their first round pick, Ruslan was actually on the team that beat the Flyers in the 2004 Eastern Conference Final and then ended up scoring the game-winning goal in game seven of the Stanley Cup final against the Flames. After a total of four seasons in Tampa, he began to whore himself to the rest of the Atlantic Division as he had a one-year stint on the Islanders (2007-'08), played for the Pittsburgh Penguins for two years and is now a member of the New York Rangers. 

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