Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flyers 2012-'13 Schedule Announced!

On the eve of the draft, the NHL has released next year's schedule so we have EVEN MORE to speculate about. With this news, the Flyers being involved in MULTIPLE trade rumors leading up to this weekend and free agency starting soon, it's gonna be a pretty hectic next two weeks... Which in actuality will be great considering basically nothing will happen again 'til late September. Peek the entire schedule HERE, below are some key dates:

-  Bruins , 10/11 (Season Opener [Wait, again?! Ugh, whatever. At least Tim Thomas won't be there])
 Penguins , 10/18 (1st meeting of the year, playoffs rematch. My body is already ready.)
-  Devils , 11/1 (1st meeting of the year, semifinals rematch. Here's hoping the fly-guys have that right-handed D-man NJ can't exploit this time)
- @  Rangers , 11/4 (Flyers layed a goose egg against 'em last year. Maybe we can win at least one next year? SPOILER: Probably not.)
- @  Capitals , 12/13 (1st meeting of the year in a rivalry that I feel is TOTALLY underrated)
- @  Coyotes , 12/31 (Bryz goes home on New Year's Eve. I'll be drunk.)
- @  Kings , 1/3 (Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Simon Gagne: Stanley Cup Champs. 'Nuff said.)
-  Rangers , 4/13 (Last game of the season)

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