Friday, July 6, 2012

Return of Rusty: Flyers sign Fedotenko

Addition by subtraction, perhaps?

A day after losing Matt Carle to his former team, Philadelphia signs ex-Flyer Ruslan Fedotenko to a second term. Fedotenko - who reportedly inked a one year, $1.75 million dollar deal - isn't by any means Jaromir Jagr's replacement on the top line, but he is a good third line presence for his age as he's averaged about 12 goals and 29 points a year since 2007-'08. It also says a lot that he wanted to come back too. "I had quite a few [offers]", Fedotenko said, "But I felt like I wanted to go to a team where I believe we have a chance to win a cup." Which is impressive. Because despite Philadelphia's recent losses, he still thinks they got what it takes. With their unique mix of veteran leadership and young talent, maybe he's right. Let's just hope at the end of the upcoming season Rusty has to get another one of these.

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