Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flyers sign Simmonds to six-year extension

So when does he get traded? (KIDDING!)

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, Philadelphia has inked the 23 year old forward to an extension that is rumored to be around $4 million per year. Simmer still has a year left on his current deal that he signed when he originally came here in the Los Angeles/Mike Richards trade, so for 2012-'13 his cap hit will be $1.75 mil and the new deal will kick in the following season.

As bad as this off season has been for the Flyers in regards to defense, they've done a good job of retaining their players on offense. Sure, they let Jagr go. But when it comes to wingers (ala Voracek & now Simmonds) they've been putting their money where their mouth is and tying up talented youth for the long haul. Let's just hope the NHLPA and the owners get a new collective bargaining deal done soon so this can go into effect sooner rather than later.

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