Friday, October 12, 2012

Eisbären Berlin lost their game today, but that's hardly the biggest news of the day

Claude Giroux and Danny Briere had a productive evening in Germany, scoring a combined goal and four assists in a 6-5 loss against Kölner Haie. But following the first period during an interview with Danny B, a color commentator for the Eisbären Berlin team asked him a question that probably made the Delaware Valley collective, "Wat." After the first twenty, the announcer said, "How did you get the nickname, 'Cookie Monster'?"

So like I said.


Well according to Briere's Wikipedia page, the story started in Buffalo when the Sabres broadcaster Rick Jeanneret mentioned Danny always shot for the top shelf, which in his perspective, was where the cookies were stashed. Does it make sense? No. Did he give a shit? Obviously not.

I hope the NHL comes back soon. I don't need to learn more of this dumb crap.

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