Thursday, July 19, 2012

HOLY BALLS! Flyers offer RFA Shea Weber a massive 14 year, 100+ contract!!!


In the dead of night like a burglar, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has offered the young, imposing & incredibly talented Nashville defensemen a super gigantic enormous 14 year, 100 million plus offer sheet in hopes to pry him away from his current team, the Nashville Predators. Restricted free agents in the NHL have a certain way of doing things though. If Nashville decides to match the offer on their end (of which they get seven days to decide if they want to or not), then they take the deal we were offering and make it their own, holding on to Weber for all eternity. HOWEVER, if they DON'T want to pay him this ridiculous (but totally worthwhile) amount, then the Flyers would get the best young d-man in the league, but as compensation going back to the Preds, Nashville gets Philadelphia's next FOUR 1st round draft picks.

It's a steep price to pay, sure. But this could be a defining moment for both teams. For Philadelphia, they could get the dominant presence they so desire/need on the blue line and make a serious push for Lord Stanley's cup in the upcoming season. And for Nashville, those four picks could help mold their future and possibly help them draft a new defenseman capable of what Weber does now for cheap down the road.

More news on this as it comes along, but shit. Nobody can ever say it's boring in Philly.

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