Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flyers sign Peter Laviolette to an extension

Per Paul Holmgren: 
"We are thrilled to have Peter continue his work with our group as we push to compete for the Stanley Cup. Peter has done a terrific job for us and is very deserving of this extension."
The deal is for two years and Lavs contract will now expire after the 2014-'15 season instead of after the upcoming year. No financial details have been (or probably will be) released.
Even though the Flyers former head coach just got his name on the cup, John Stevens' coaching style in Philadelphia was bland and showed little promise. Laviolette is the exact opposite, as his colorful personality on the bench reflects positively on the skaters on the ice. Hopefully, Lavs passion and drive for the sport rubs off on his players once again and they can make another run like they did in 2010. But until the collective bargaining agreement is settled, nobody will be playing for anything.

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