Friday, June 24, 2011

2011-'12 schedule announced, key dates

Lost among the schadenfreude that was Thursday, the NHL released its league schedule for next year. Obviously the 2011 season is made far more interesting thanks to the teams recent events, but their are other key dates as well.

- October 6th, @  Boston Bruins  (Season Opener)
- October 15th, vs.  LA Kings  (Mike Richards returns)
- October 27th, vs.  Winnipeg  (The Jets return to Philly for the first time since March, '96)
- November 2nd, @  Buffalo Sabres  (Eastern Conference Quarterfinals rematch)
- November 5th, vs.  Columbus Blue Jackets  (Jeff Carter returns)
- December 3rd @  Phoenix Coyotes  (Bryzgalov homecoming)
- December 5th, vs.  Pittsburgh Penguins  (1st meeting of season)
- January 2nd, vs.  New York Rangers  (2012 Winter Classic)
- April 7th, @  Pittsburgh Penguins  (Final game of regular season)

Will this team come April be a playoff contender? I'd like to say all of their young talent will come through and they in fact will go on to play into the summer months, but a day after the biggest trade in franchise history it's hard to say. Personally, I'm optimistic about the future. Brayden Schenn is touted as a future star the likes of Richards himself, everyone else gained in the trades are well-liked by their former clubs and with the 8th pick in tonight's draft, they have the potential to get another up-and-comer. Only time will tell if these were good deals, and there's no time like the present to start work on the new Flyers.

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