Saturday, June 4, 2011

This man needs to be saved

The Flyers don't like spending money, and they don't like big name goaltenders. Enter Evgeni Nabokov.

A once prominent name in the Western Conference for the San Jose Sharks, Nabby decided last year to take his stick and go home to the KHL of sweet mutha Russia (ya know, where hockey plays you?). But unfortunately for 'ol Evgeni, things didn't exactly go as planned. In 22 games for SKA St. Petersburg, he went 8-8-5 with two shutouts and a pretty average 3.02 goals allowed. Defeated, he was welcomed back to the states... only to be picked up by the league's worst; The New York Islanders. Talk about getting kicked while you're down, right? Well this is where our fair city comes in.

In the upcoming year, since Nabokov was suspended by the NHL for refusing to play for the guidos on Long Island (and let's be serious, who would), the max amount he can be payed is $570 grand. Which if you think about it, is what Peter Laviolette probably spends on orange ties monthly. It's still yet to be seen if they jailbreak the veteran Russian or give the reigns to the younger one already on the team. But if I know one thing it's this: if Philly intended on getting Nabby out Andy Dufresne-style, they better plan an escape route quick. Because they won't be the only ones trying come July 1st.

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